500 Centuries of Life Under the Michelmersh Roof


With its Tudor banqueting hall, Georgian drawing room and Victorian kitchens, Southampton’s oldest museum, Tudor House & Garden has five centuries of life under one roof and that roof is tiled with the very best Michelmersh Handmade Light Vintage Tiles.

The Grade I listed building in Bugle Street, at the heart of Southampton’s Old Town has re-opened after nine years of restoration work. Southampton City Council’s Karen Wardley said “Everything we have done is in keeping with the building and we haven’t lost its character.”

The works incorporated traditional techniques together with current technology, with efforts made to replicate the materials used in medieval times. It has been returned to its former glory with the help of the handmade clay roof tiles. When it came to selecting the right tiles to complement the traditional building as well as the surrounding local architecture the chosen supplier was Michelmersh, part of Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC. As Britain’s brick and tile specialists with over 100 years of experience they were the natural choice for such an historic project to ensure a high quality product and sympathetic restoration. Supplying 30,000 handmade Light Vintage Tiles for the project provided the finish to the building that its historical setting demanded.


Offering subtle variations in colour, the handmade tiles provide an aesthetic appeal that cannot be replicated by modern machine production. Michelmersh remain committed to the traditional British craft of handmade tiles perfect for restoration, renovation and new build projects.

Established in 1842 Michelmersh Brick and Tile Ltd was the first company to be incorporated into Michelmersh Brick Holdings plc. Michelmersh produce approximately 12 million facing bricks, roof tiles and special shaped bricks each year from our manufacturing base at Michelmersh near Romsey.  Michelmersh offer the highest quality stock bricks in a unique range of colours, available in machine-made or traditional handmade, both providing a finished brick of real character.

Find out more about Tudor House & Garden at www.tudorhouseandgarden.com