Technical Publications

The Brick Development Association, in conjunction with its members, produce a wide range of specialist books and other publications on all matters relating to the sound and imaginative design and specification of bricks and brickwork.


Brickwork Design & Detailing

A range of publications covering the design, detailing and specification of bricks and brickwork in building construction in general terms.

Brickwork Maintenance and Repair

Publications on the maintenance and repair of brickwork.


Severely Exposed Brickwork

This document design advice to all those in the delivery chain, to help them achieve long lasting results when considering external works such as; freestanding garden and retaining walls and chimneys which should always be considered as very severely exposed to frost attack regardless of geographical location.


Eurocode6 Guide

These publications are apart of a series of three guides entitled ‘How to design masonry structures using Eurocode 6′. The aim is to make the use of Eurocode 6, Design of masonry structures as easy as possible by drawing together in one place key information and commentary required for the design of typical masonry elements.


Brick – First Construction Product to be Awarded Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Following a Life Cycle Assessment carried out by the BRE for Sustainable Products, the Brick Development Association’s (BDA) generic brick has been awarded an Environmental Product Declaration. The generic brick is the first construction industry product to be verified under BRE Global’s recently launched EN15804 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scheme.


Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP)

The Construction Industry’s key manufacturing sectors of clay bricks and clay blocks, precast concrete and ready-mixed concrete, have joined forces to launch Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAPs) demonstrating their commitment to increasing the opportunity for recycling and reusing recovered materials, throughout the whole-life of these materials.