Year: 2021

Thank you Ian McClure for 40 years of service

Ian McClure - 40yrs Service award

Ian McClure (right) at Carlton receiving a Long Service Award from Works Manager Kevin Spacey (left) Ian McClure marked his 40yrs of service at the Carlton site of the Michelmersh Group this week. Ian has seen many changes to the site over his 40 years’ service, most recently the installation   . . . . Read More

Michelmersh supports local business hand sanitiser initiative

Handmade hand sanitiser pouches

Despite the past 12 months of the pandemic, Michelmersh continues to promote new and innovative ways of working, supporting others and driving the company’s ethos. The Group is committed to practising its four core values: integrity, respect, innovation and sustainability, throughout all products and processes. Since the pandemic has caused   . . . . Read More

Michelmersh achieves three stars for new Brickmakers Quality Charter

The Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) is a new quality mark credentialing scheme by the Brick Development Association to promote responsible sourcing of clay bricks and to provide the supply chain with assurances of high-quality product, manufacturing and ethical standards. Michelmersh is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing and   . . . . Read More

Together we can eliminate non-essential single-use plastics

Sustainability is at the forefront of Michelmersh’s ethos and remains one of its four core values. The Group continues to strive to be a well invested, long term, sustainable and environmentally responsible business. Alongside the Government accelerating our path to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Michelmersh extends its   . . . . Read More

Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Michelmersh is proud to announce that, in October 2020, the Group became the first brick manufacturer to partner with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS). The school is a collaboration of major UK contractors, suppliers and clients who share a mutual interest in building skills and providing a free learning   . . . . Read More

2021’s Pledge 100: Supporting Colleges and Education

Michelmersh is proud to announce its continued support for educational institutions via its ‘Pledge 100’ initiative. Supporting industry education and training, including bricklayers and architectural design courses, remains a core commitment of the Michelmersh Group. Having supported institutions for many years, Michelmersh officially launched its initiative ‘Pledge 100’ in 2020   . . . . Read More

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