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August 9, 2019

Michelmersh continues to promote innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) product files through, the one-stop website for designers, contractors, facilitators and BIM managers to visit, explore, download and interact with files and product information for free. is an important strategic offering for Michelmersh, remaining at the forefront of industry modernisation, constantly continuing to lead the way in offering intuitive, informative and supportive product data through the most up-to-date construction technology procedures.

Britain’s Brick Specialists have always acted rapidly to new technologies and sustainable practices. Michelmersh was the first UK manufacturer to adopt BIM practices from the very beginning, before the Government’s Construction Strategy was published in May 2011. Its first range of clay product files were released, years before the competition, setting a high standard for BIM practices which they have continued to uphold over the past decade. is also delighted to see the rapid increase in industry support, acceptance and participation since the Government mandate for BIM on public procured projects in 2016.

The British manufacturer has committed itself to upgrading its files alongside the latest BIM software developments. Now on Version 3 (V3), Michelmersh continues to pave the way for the most advanced and helpful BIM brick files on the market, which now also includes its full Carlton, i-Line and Synthesis brick brands and ranges. This recent revision includes bricks and pavers containing further improved textures and a much wider breadth of product meta-data parameters from Product Data Templates (PDTs). Michelmersh is proud to state that all of its BIM files conform to current British Standards BS8501 (all parts) and BS1192-4 (COBie), ensuring that files are compliant and created to the highest specification for its users.

Michelmersh has also elaborated on its easy-to-use schedule material take-off sheets to offer intuitive material and object tags, making the process of specifying its products even more perceptive and pragmatic for its users. This also complies with the Government’s programme for sector modernisation objective ambitions, being the adoption of information rich BIM technologies, process and collaborative behaviours that will unlock more efficient ways of working at all stages of the project’s life-cycle.

Sarah Le Gresley, Head of Marketing at Michelmersh, proudly states: “ newly refreshed branding and updated galleries, showcase our innovative V3 files as we lead the industry in BIM. Our dedicated website is a portal for offering high resolution BIM files, data, catalogues and certifications of all our products in a clean and simple format. Sustainability is a vital component of heavy industry practices and the concept of BIM is aimed right at the heart of this. It actively encourages builders and manufacturers to improve efficiencies and work in a collaborative way, reducing waste and saving money. We therefore endeavour to continue our commitment to offer the most advanced BIM brick files to the UK construction sector, continuing to promote our company status for sustainable production, procedures and practices.”

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