Bronwyn Passes Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship

June 23, 2021

A huge congratulations to Bronwyn for achieving a Distinction in her Level 3 Payroll Administrator apprenticeship. The apprenticeship course has been recently introduced, making Bronwyn one of the first to enrol.

The apprenticeship lasted 24 months, consisting of a series of tests, including a knowledge test, a role simulation, and a professional discussion.

The Role Simulation gives the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills in a fictitious scenario. This involves using knowledge and skills that may not be encountered at the workplace. Regardless, this is a robust and appropriate assessment method for the apprenticeship. Bronwyn’s Role Simulation was described as “confident, professional and complete”.

The Professional Discussion allows the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate competence in the workplace. Bronwyn’s assessor commented “it is clear that the apprentice is a valued member of the team and the apprenticeship journey has inspired and enthused her. She will certainly be an asset to her employer and will be to the profession for years to come. Much credit was paid to the support from her employer and Apprenticeship Training Provider. I am so pleased that she has completed this apprenticeship and with flying colours.”

Bronwyn received two Distinctions and one Pass, resulting in a Distinction overall for the course.

Bronwyn explains,

“When I first started at Michelmersh, I had little experience with Payroll and the legislation and processes involved with it. Thankfully, Nicki and Carl took a chance and brought me on board, so I knew coming into the role that I would be enrolled in an apprenticeship to support my development. Although initially, the amount of content I had to learn was a little overwhelming, I ended up enjoying the learning aspect of the journey quite a lot as studying and reading about new topics is something I am used to doing from previous assessments before my time here.”

“The end result is now that I am able to support Nicki in processing accurate and timely payroll for many employees at Michelmersh, whilst being confident that we are keeping up to date and complying with the fast-changing legislation that pertains to the role. I have also been able to develop my knowledge of topics that link with other areas of the business (such as HR and GDPR), so I am excited to learn more and develop my role further.”

Bronwyn’s apprenticeship means that she is fully trained in her role, offering support to Michelmersh’s payroll and HR department.

Payroll Manager, Nicki Loach comments on Bronwyn’s recent success,

“Bronwyn had already become a valuable member of the Payroll/ HR team & passing the apprenticeship qualifications with such flying colours has simply shown what we already knew. She has exceeded all our expectations. Bronwyn is bright & inquisitive & determined to provide a first-class service to our staff. She has been invaluable in the introduction of the new HR/Payroll software & brings her youthful understanding of IT in its continuing development.”

Bronwyn concludes,

“I want to highlight how fantastic both Nicki and Carl have been through the entire process – both have given me all of the support and encouragement I could have asked for and I feel very much a valued member of the HR/Payroll team at Michelmersh.”

Since passing her apprenticeship, Bronwyn is thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to go into study for a HR qualification and looks forward to where this will take her.

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