Michelmersh supports local business hand sanitiser initiative

April 13, 2021
Handmade hand sanitiser pouches

Despite the past 12 months of the pandemic, Michelmersh continues to promote new and innovative ways of working, supporting others and driving the company’s ethos. The Group is committed to practising its four core values: integrity, respect, innovation and sustainability, throughout all products and processes. Since the pandemic has caused challenges for businesses throughout the UK, Michelmersh recognises that supporting local businesses, communities and charities really does go a long way.

Dawn Joseph, a local music artist and small business owner has been busy sewing hand sanitiser pouches throughout the pandemic. Using a variety of fabrics and materials from around the world, Dawn has channelled her creativity into a business, Well Gel Pouch, offering hand sanitiser users the option to style and protect their hand sanitiser bottle.

Keen to support Dawn on her sewing venture, Michelmersh is pleased to have gifted complimentary hand sanitisers featuring Dawn’s protective pouches to customers. Each pouch is hand-sewn and sustainably sourced, featuring a handy clip and Michelmersh branding.

Hand sanitiser pouches

Dawn explains how she created Well Gel Pouch, and where the inspiration came from.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I knew that it would be a while before I was going to be able to return to my job as a singer. The first few months were spent doing all the things I had been longing to do but never could, due to being on the road. I spent lazy days in the garden reading, going for long weekend walks, writing and recording in my studio. As the summer creeped in and there was to be yet many more months of being at home, I turned to my other passion of sewing. I’d been making accessories for friends for many years, and so the introduction of compulsory mask-wearing and the increased use of hand sanitiser got me thinking. How can I make carrying hand sanitiser “cool” and “fashionable”? That’s when the Well Gel Pouch was born!

Like most of us, I like to collect souvenirs on my travels, and my souvenirs are fabric. I’m lucky to be able to see places I never would have dreamt about in my youth, places like Japan, Singapore, South Africa are some of the countries I travel to regularly. As soon as I’ve checked into the hotel, I’m making my way to my regular markets and shops! I have a great local haberdashery shop in East Sussex too and I also love to recycle and re-use, so I pick up some amazing pieces in charity shops.

When I’m creating an accessory, I am constantly thinking “Functional and “Fashionable”. Even my travel underwear bag is “cool”! Sometimes an item comes along where you think “how have I lived so long without it?!”. I think the Well Gel Pouch is one of those. It’s a practical item that can be worn as jewellery or attached to your favourite handbag or gym bag etc. There are so many instances where antibacterial gel is needed but can’t always be accessed freely. The Well Gel Pouch is here to stay!”

Each pouch is made with pre-washed fabric and can be washed regularly to keep clean and germ-free. It is also recommended to spray regularly with antibacterial spray.

Follow Dawn on Instagram: @wellgelpouch | @dawnjoseph

Dawn’s Etsy shop: LEDawnJoseph.etsy.com

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