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September 6, 2019

Michelmersh, the leading British manufacturer of premium bricks and pavers, has released a new corporate video to promote the Group and demonstrate its ability to offer the highest quality products through rich technical expertise, innovation, unrivalled customer service and its commitment to sustainability.

With over 500 acres of land, Michelmersh encourages the re-introduction of habitats and wildlife to its former quarry sites, to allow nature reserves, lakes and natural spaces to flourish. All of its UK and European plants adhere to strict environmental codes of practice with well-maintained clay resources which are stringently operated in cohesion with its surroundings. Each year the Group produces over 120 million clay bricks and pavers, offering a wide range of colours and textures to meet all needs.

Sustainability is key for Michelmersh as it strongly upholds its responsibilities to nurture our land and the environment around us. Through rolling investment programs its modernised plants are streamlined and automated, maximising efficiency and product output.

Michelmersh’s clay products are in your homes, offices, schools and hospitals, in the public and private sector. The British manufacturer believes it’s more than just the products it sells; it combines unbeatable technical quality and volume production, making beautiful products you can rely on, with dependable customer service and logistics.

Michelmersh can even develop a truly unique blend to match your exact requirements, manufacturing the right finish to bring your design and vision to life. It has experience and expertise in providing products for conservation areas, prestigious new builds and inspired architecture. Around Europe and the UK, Michelmersh is defining our built environment and inspiring innovation, diversity and design for generations to enjoy.

The Group includes 7 well established innovative brands that have become the most trusted names in the construction sector, renowned for high quality clay products. Michelmersh offers its clients a bespoke service, including handmade blending and high standards of quality assurance. Each item is carefully tailored to exact specifications to achieve a perfect finish. The combination of traditional strength and its impressive attainment of modern construction standards ensures that Michelmersh continues to build for the future, shaping and leading its industry.

This video demonstrates the Group’s outstanding reliability, unparalleled workmanship and high product performance to meet any design requirement. Laid in harmony with their environment, Michelmersh’s clay products give strong character and admirable charm to every development.

Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh, commented: “This video showcases our ability to combine unbeatable quality in volume production with exceptional design advice that professionals can rely on. The Group continues to strive to be a good corporate citizen. Our first-rate customer service and attention to detail are given to every project, no matter the size. We hope this video will highlight to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders why we are all proud to be part of Michelmersh, with a strong sustainability commitment and outstanding reputation for beautiful, durable and natural looking clay bricks & pavers. Our ongoing programmes of investment ensures that Michelmersh continuously produces highly desired products, selected to complement the most prestigious, award winning architecture across the UK and Europe.”

The video is featured via the company website and YouTube channel on the following links:
http://www.mbhplc.co.uk/media OR https://youtu.be/r-lAq2YcvmM

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