New Product Ranges

March 3, 2013

MBH PLC has released two new product ranges to enhance their portfolio.

New contemporary product, available from Charnwood. A reflection of specifiers’ and architects’ demands for a British product to fulfil the vision of modern, striking contemporary design. Handmade to offer an elongated elegance, i-line products can define new builds, harmonise with older brickwork bringing a modern vision to renovations and be as individual as every building deserves. Available in a palette of natural base colours, but with the unique ability to offer an infinite blend of bespoke combinations, the range consists of core dimensions in a collection of smooth and textured finishes.




Stand out from the crowd. Using MBH’s unique ability to manufacture pre-blended bricks in wirecuts, stocks or handmades, we have launched a diverse range of contemporary products. Our Synthesis range brings together unique individual bricks, and transforms them into eye-catching collections, giving an appealing mosaic appearance. Although the combinations are limitless we have developed a range and mix of colours that complement each other, from stark contrasts to sympathetic palettes. The diversity of Synthesis allows you to ensure your building is unique and will enhance the built environment for generations to come.


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