Ongoing investment in automation proficiencies

September 15, 2015

In recent years MBH PLC has made a substantial commitment to improving the efficiency of its Blockleys factory output, whilst accommodating sustainable measures to future-proof, both functionality and maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s machinery upgrades in 2013 an additional robotic system has been installed downstream associated with handling equipment, to aid the process of packaging products.

This new autonomous addition boasts an ability to rapidly pack 400 bricks over 100 seconds into one unit, packing all of the output, some >60,000 units per year. The project was managed by specialist engineers from Keller and was successfully installed within the two week allocated timeframe, on budget and with no disruption to alternative production processes.

MBH PLC believes in a continuous programme of investment and has proved that the additional £0.5 million budget for this upgrade will ensure further improvement in its sustainability profile due to significant energy and packaging material savings.

Health and safety is also enhanced, through reduced noise levels, manual handling risks and working at height. With additional significant benefits to improved handling, this advancement safeguards the high quality care of the British manufacturer’s products before delivery to the customer, meaning the bricklayer is the first individual to handle the bricks. This accurate and smoother motion provides a conscious effort towards efficiency and flexibility.


Peter Sharp, Group Operations Director at MBH PLC proudly states, “Completion of the Blockleys considerable robot packaging project is our latest investment following on from the installation of kiln unloading robots in 2013 and our £2.5 million, 20% expansion of the Freshfield Lane factory completed in January of this year.

“We are very pleased with the new installation that delivers many improved benefits for the continuing business philosophy of efficiency and quality.The project was managed and installed by the Blockleys team alongside specialist engineers and proved to be an excellent achievement by our dedicated team who worked tirelessly 24/7 for the two weeks, delivering this project on time, within budget, without affecting our output levels. The great teamwork and commitment shown from the local guys made this project possible and ultimately equates to a substantial 16% increase in capacity.”


MBH PLC continues to advance in sustainability and technology whilst furthering its capability to enhance the brick making process. Responding rapidly and competitively to the changing dynamics of the clay marketplace gives the manufacturer flexibility of manufacturing processes with increased production speeds, productivity and efficiency. Its upmost concern of quality and customer satisfaction is continuously articulated through its ongoing dedication to improvements.

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