Pledge 100

January 16, 2020

Pledge 100:

100,000 bricks for future bricklayers

‘Skill shortage’ is a term that has appeared regularly in the headlines over the past few years as the construction industry faces a shortage of skilled labour across all sectors and is constantly challenged with initiatives to encourage young people and those re-training to embark on careers within the industry.

Supporting industry education and training remains a core policy of the Michelmersh Group, which has continued to increase its supply of free products, resources, CPD presentations, factory visits and seminars to various colleges around the UK. In 2019 Michelmersh donated a total of 90,000 bricks towards training the next generation of bricklayers.

Heads of school construction departments have been desperately contacting Michelmersh throughout the year for support. The good news is that there is increasing demand for brickwork courses from both apprentices and full-time learners, whilst colleges are simultaneously faced with restricted budgets. Michelmersh aims to give students the best learning experience possible, requiring the highest quality premium products, the most up-to-date equipment, tools and educational materials towards their curriculum schedule.

NVQ2 Naomi Hamilton, Brooklands College Brickwork Department


Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh, said: “We will endeavour to continue to pledge our support for educational initiatives in 2020, acting as an industry leader for the next generation of bricklayers. Taking this level of support to new heights, in 2020 we pledge to increase the number of premium bricks we donate to 100,000. In 2019 we were the sole sponsor of the UK World Skills candidate and we also sponsored many sustainable initiatives, including the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) Sustainability Award, to encourage sustainable architecture for our future built environment. Our commitment has included a wide variety of colleges from locations across the country, from Surrey to Lancashire.”

It is imperative that these students train using high quality, premium products to reflect the materials that they will be using in their future bricklaying careers. The students of today will become the next generation of skilled bricklayers, so for Michelmersh it is vital that the industry makes a real effort to support education and students at every level.

Brooklands College Students


Michelmersh has continued its close relationship with Brooklands College Brickwork Department and additionally in 2019 supported the #iBuiltThis competition as well as many other top colleges across the UK. Christian Hatherall-Good, from Brooklands College Brickwork Department, added: “Since Michelmersh started supporting the brickwork department at Brooklands College, it has inspired our learners to want to build their test models to the best of their abilities, using these new premium bricks. I cannot thank Michelmersh enough for its ongoing support of bricks and CPD, as well as the purchase of other equipment to aid our growing department. Without the support we receive we would not be as successful as we are in training skilled bricklayers of the future.”

It is vital that the industry makes a real effort to support the education of young people every step of the way. Michelmersh hopes its 100,000 brick pledge for 2020 will positively affect young bricklayers countrywide and it hopes that other manufacturers will follow suit to protect the future of our industry and the skilled labour we are encouraging through youth training.

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