Product Portfolio V3 Release

April 12, 2022
Michelmersh Digital Brick Portfolio

Michelmersh is proud to release its Product Portfolio, Issue 3 for 2022!

After positive feedback from our customers, we’ll be doubling down on our sustainable efforts and pushing ahead with a primarily digital release for our main portfolio. Michelmersh believes it can reduce our carbon emissions by reducing print runs and moving to a digital-first approach. 

Moving to a more sustainable, digital release allows us to save on not just carbon from production, but also, transportation emissions and the amount of waste we create. It allows for instantaneous delivery to those who need it, meaning you’re never far from our 2022 Portfolio!

A small number will still be going to physical print to support those who have additional needs, if you require a physical copy, please contact to pre-order yours. You can download our new portfolio by clicking here.


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