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  • Where are your shares traded?

    Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc shares are traded on AIM under the code: MBH.

  • How can I check Michelmersh’s share price?

    For up to date share price information please go to

  • Who is the Company Registrar?

    Equiniti Limited are our Registrars. They maintain the Company's register of members (names and addresses of shareholders and the number of shares held), as well as issuing dividend payments and share certificates on behalf of the Company.

  • How can I contact the Company Registrar?

    The Company Registrar, Equiniti, can be contacted on:
    UK: 0371 384 2030
    International: +44 121 415 7047
    Lines are open between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can contact them by writing to the address below:
    Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA

  • What is my Shareholder Reference Number?

    This is an 11-digit number. It can be found either on your share certificate or on your tax voucher.

  • What is the best way to manage my shares?

    By signing up for a Equiniti Shareview Portfolio account via the website of our Registrar, Equiniti Limited, you will be able to manage your shares securely online. A Equiniti Shareview Portfolioaccount will enable you to:

    - view information regarding your shareholding;
    - change your address or bank details;
    - buy or sell shares in the Company;
    - receive electronic notification when shareholder communications are published;
    - help us reduce our paper, print and postage costs and also help the environment.

    To register, go to

  • When is your next results announcement?

    The Interim Statement for the 12 Months to 31 December 2019 will be released in March 2020 – the exact date will be confirmed nearer the time.

  • How can I get a copy of the annual and interim reports?

    You can download the most recent Financial Reports, as well as historic reports, from this site Alternatively, you may request a hard-copy from the Company Secretary at Freshfield Lane, Danehill, Haywards Heath RH17 7HH or by emailing

  • When is the next shareholders meeting?

    The Annual General Meeting will be held in May 2020 at the offices of Burges Salmon LLP, 6 New Street Square, London EC4A 3BF .

  • How can I register my vote for the Annual General Meeting?

    The Company will notify registered shareholders of the details of the proposed resolutions for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year and send shareholders a Form of Proxy. If you are unable to attend the AGM you can return this Form of Proxy by post.

  • How can I buy or sell Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc shares?

    There are many stockbrokers and share dealing services. Some of these offer online services for buying and selling shares and many operate telephone or postal dealing services. Commission charges may vary between different providers and according to the type of service offered. Your bank or a stockbroker will be able to advise you, or you can contact an independent financial advisor (

  • How do I transfer shares into another person's name?

    Shares can be transferred to another person using a Stock Transfer Form. Please send this Form to the Company Registrar – details above. If you have any questions regarding the completion of the Stock Transfer Form, or wish to request that a Form be sent to you, please contact Equiniti.

  • What should I do in the event of the death of an Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc shareholder?

    Please contact the Company Registrar, Equiniti.

  • Can I have my dividends paid directly into my bank account?

    Yes, you can do this by setting up a dividend mandate or payment instruction. This means that your cheque cannot get lost in the post and you will not have to wait for the cheque to clear once deposited in your bank account. Once you have set up a dividend mandate, future dividends will be paid directly into your account and the cleared funds will be available to you on the dividend payment date.
    To arrange this download a dividend mandate form by registering with, the Company Registrar, at Alternatively, please contact the Company Registrar directly using the details provided above.

  • What can I do if I don't receive a dividend?

    Please contact the Company Registrar.

  • When will the next dividend be paid and how much will I receive?

    The final dividend in respect of the 12 months to 31 December 2018 of 2.14 pence per share will, pending approval by shareholders at the AGM in May, be paid on 28 June 2019. Also subject to shareholder approval at the AGM, shareholders will be given the option to receive their dividend in shares rather than cash. Shareholders will receive a circular explaining this scheme in April 2019 - a copy of which is available from the website in the Documents section.

  • What should I do if I have lost my share certificate?

    If your share certificate is lost or stolen you must inform the Company Registrar, immediately. They will ensure that a marker is put on your shareholding to prevent fraudulent use of your share certificate and will issue a replacement certificate once you have completed a letter of indemnity.

  • How can I find out how many shares I currently hold?

    You can check your shareholding online by registering with the Company Registrar, at Alternatively, please contact the Company Registrar direct using the details provided above.

  • Who should I contact regarding a change in my name or address?

    If your address changes, please inform the Company Registrar as soon as possible by calling the Shareholder Helpline, or completing the Change of Address Form. If you have changed your name you will need to write to the Company Registrar providing your new name and previous name, an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or changed name deed, your 11 digit shareholder reference number.

  • How can I keep informed of the Company's activities other than by the statutory documents sent to shareholders?

    You can view the latest Press Releases, Reports and Presentations and Regulatory News Items issued by the company on



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