Supporting bricklaying education on an international stage

February 8, 2019

Blockleys team, led by Lee Taylor with the WorldSkills brick donation before delivery

Michelmersh has always been at the forefront of supporting educational institutions, donating products and giving Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations to colleges and vocational courses across the country. Its goal is to aid in the process of training and educating our promising young bricklayers. The British manufacturer believes it is important to meet the demand for the next generation of craftsmen and women within the construction sector, facilitating their training by providing them with the highest quality products and tools, as well as the most relevant technical information.

To encourage bricklaying education on an international stage, Michelmersh is proud to be supporting British bricklaying candidate, Lewis Greenwood, on his journey to represent the UK at the 45th WorldSkills competition held in Kazan later this year. Michelmersh is looking forward to watching Lewis develop and hone his skills in the run up to the highly anticipated event. It hopes that his hard work and enthusiasm will boost motivation amongst his peers in the UK, elevating the standard of craftsmanship to new heights in this extremely rewarding trade.

Director of Education and Skills Competitions, Ben Blackledge, commented: “Many thanks to Michelmersh for its fantastic support and quality materials, which help us to showcase the UK’s brightest and best young learners and apprentices on the world stage. Without this support, it would not be possible for the WorldSkills UK bricklaying competitors to take part in International Skill Competitions, where they compete for their chance to be crowned World Champion in their skill.”

WorldSkills UK promotes three core programmes to accelerate young people’s careers and give them the best start in work and life, through partnerships between businesses, education and Governments. ‘Champions’ is one of the key programmes, which aims to improve technical and employability skills by showcasing the talent of these individuals at local, national and international levels. Entering international skills competitions enables the WorldSkills UK team to benchmark the employability skills of apprentices with those from around the world.

Lewis Greenwood, WorldSkills UK Bricklaying candidate at his first training session using Michelmersh products

Mike Burdett, Bricklaying Training Manager for the UK WorldSkills team, said: “The support that Michelmersh has provided Lewis has been invaluable to his progress through Squad UK training. Its backing has meant that Lewis has been able to work with quality materials throughout his training and development as part of Squad UK. Without Michelmersh, Lewis would not be as prepared and ready to compete in the Bricklaying Team Selection event in March, where he hopes to win his place in the final team that will travel to Kazan in August to represent the UK at the Worldskills competition.”

Michelmersh looks forward to welcoming Lewis and Mike to the factory to give a tour of the brick making process next month. It is very excited to follow Lewis on his journey to Kazan, wishing him the very best in his future career and every success in the forthcoming squad selections and prospective competitions.

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