Supporting the next generation of bricklayers

December 18, 2018

Michelmersh remains committed to supporting local further education, consistently playing its part in donating to initiatives for our youth. The British Manufacturer’s objective is to maintain this vital role, helping to train, educate and most importantly, meet the demand for bright, skilled workers within the construction sector.

Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh, commented: “It has been exciting to watch Brookland’s Bricklaying department go from strength to strength over the past few years. This course offers outstanding opportunities for our youth, which is why we have pledged to continue supporting them as they evolve to become the next generation of bricklayers and the future of our industry.”

Christian Hatherall-Good, Brickwork Tutor at Brooklands College, and his students have received an array of accolades for their dedication, commitment and hard work. Some of these awards include the Construction News Specialist Awards, Apprentice of the year; SkillBuild, London regional heat, 1st & 4th in the senior category and 2nd in the new-entrant category; Guild of Bricklayers, London and South East regional heat, 1st & 3rd Senior category 1st & 3rd Junior category; Guild of Bricklayers National final, 4th in the Senior & 4th in the Junior categories.

Michelmersh’s most recent contribution to the department includes the purchase of a new 16 inch portable masonry table saw, worth just under £1,500. Ideal for intermittent wet and dry cutting of a wide variety of small masonry materials, this practical and useful tool allows the students to learn to cut the Michelmersh training bricks and widen their vocabulary of bricklaying skills.

Christian Hatherall-Good said: “The continued, generous support from Michelmersh has allowed me to teach my students with the highest quality clay materials, which, in turn, has encouraged them to build their test models to the best of their abilities. The brickwork table saw donated to the department by Michelmersh this October has also allowed the apprentices to build complex decorative models much beyond their curriculum. Therefore, we would like to thank Michelmersh for the vast amount of bricks and other educational equipment and presentations they have given and donated to us over the years. It is vital to trainee bricklayers that they receive this level of dedicated support from companies like Michelmersh. Without these ongoing donations and investment in our youth’s skills it would be difficult to see how these talented bricklayers can flourish to become the next generation of future craftsmen and women.”

Gail Walker, Principle of Brooklands College, said: “The support from Michelmersh through donations of equipment and materials helps develop students’ skills and prepare them for their future career. As well as donating quality bricks for the students to work with, Michelmersh’s recent donation of a brickwork table saw has made a real difference to the department which continues to grow in size and reputation, and I am so thankful for their generosity.”

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