V2 BIM update including bricks, pavers and roof tiles

August 24, 2015

MBH PLC is once again at the forefront of construction technology, advancing the brick industry’s acceptance for intuitive developments of construction processes, contributing greater access of information to all who use it’s clay products. As the first UK brick manufacturer to offer BIM (Building Information Modelling) product files in 2013, it has lead the industry in offering information rich files to architects and design teams. On August 24th MBH PLC launched version two of its BIM files across a wider range of products, involving improved textures, a wealth of product meta-data and easy to use, schedule material take-off sheets for all bricks, pavers and roof tile products. The leading manufacturer has shown great innovation and forward thinking with its approach towards BIM, enhancing the process of designing a building collaboratively through information rich, digital representation of both the physical and functional characteristics and conforming to current COBie and NBS standards.

BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital models throughout the design stage, with the ability to exchange information with multiple agencies and provide a singular source of construction data to inform post-construction through to facilities management stages. This allows for the whole-life cycle of a building to be recorded, highlighting sustainable approaches and processes to construction through greater communication of information and clash detection capabilities, whilst modelling the “in use” phase with respect to energy performance etc.

Information on individual building components are made available in a BIM compatible format using REVIT software, with all MBH PLC files offering an additional IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file for import into a wide variety of other BIM supported programs. Version 2 files include a multitude of parameters from compressive strength, thermal conductivity, material density and a whole range of other useful data relating to the product. This is likely to require further updates and more information to be provided at the building component level as the up-take of BIM throughout the UK increases, backed by the Government’s 2016 BIM deadline, to be used for all centrally-funded projects. The British manufacturer has a dedicated website www.bimbricks.co.uk to display it’s comprehensive offering of data-rich files and continues to update them to comply with all current BIM standards and improve the process, imagery and information for architects, designers, contractors and construction professionals to use easily.


Frank Hanna, Group Commercial Director of MBH PLC said, “With over 100 products freely available to download on our dedicated website and also in partnership with BIMStore, we feel confident to continue leading the brick industry towards the Government deadline, highlighting the innovative and sustainable methods that can enhance design and construction processes. We are excited about the launch of our revised V2 files which offer greater visualisation and data for bricks, pavers and roof tiles across all our brands. We look forward to hearing feedback on how we can make these files even more useful for designers and construction professionals in the future.”

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