Year: 2020

Home-schooling during COVID-19

For parents home-schooling, here is a factsheet on how a Michelmersh brick is manufactured. The term brick refers to a small unit of building material, often made from fired clay and secured in building work with layers of mortar, a sticky substance made of cement, sand and water. Clay bricks   . . . . Read More

Thank you to Gary Vickers for 25 years of dedicated service

Gary’s passion for running seen here during one of his many races 26th June 2020 marks 25 years service with Michelmersh for Blockleys’ Despatch Manager Gary Vickers. Anyone that has bought bricks from Blockleys over the last quarter of a century will undoubtedly have dealt with Gary and he has   . . . . Read More

Thank you to Gary Patchin for 49 years & 6 months of service

Gary Patchin, pictured with his lorry at Michelmersh On 3rd June 2020, Gary Patchin retired after an astonishing 49.5 years service as a driver at Michelmersh in Romsey. With over 49 years service, based on his average mileage, Gary has driven a huge 4.7 million miles delivering bricks to our   . . . . Read More

HOBHOUSE COURT: Realising Ambitious Brick Façades

Positioned in an architecturally sensitive area surrounding Trafalgar Square, Hobhouse Court has a distinctly contemporary façade which needed brickwork to reflect the richness, grain and materiality of the surrounding vernacular. A partial new-build, partial refurbishment project, Hobhouse Court is a vibrant and accessible environment designed to enhance the area and   . . . . Read More

BRICK: The Building Material of Choice

One of the oldest known building materials, brick has been used by man for shelter for thousands of years and will continue to be used for generations to come. Versatile, timeless, durable and sustainable, brick has been around for thousands of years and will be around for centuries to come.   . . . . Read More

Pledge 100

Pledge 100: 100,000 bricks for future bricklayers ‘Skill shortage’ is a term that has appeared regularly in the headlines over the past few years as the construction industry faces a shortage of skilled labour across all sectors and is constantly challenged with initiatives to encourage young people and those re-training   . . . . Read More

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