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Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using one comprehensive system of computer models. The process involves the generation and management of, information rich, digital representation of both the physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

Our site seeks to provide you with the BIM data for all MBH brick products in formats which we hope will suit the various software packages that are available for Building Information Modelling.

Use our ‘Product Selector’ to find a product from any of our brands, complete the BIM section, and you can download the appropriate files. Further information or help on the properties of these files and how to use them can be found in the help section.



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Design, Construction & Technical Guidance
A list of technical queries covering all aspects of brick design, building, maintenance, sustainability and much more:

Here you will find group policies including Environmental, Quality, Health & Safety along with Declarations of Performance and site specific certificates:

This section allows you to view our latest brochures:

Technical Brick Specifications
Follow our Brick Selector to make your product choice. Under each product you will find technical information relating to the product:

Full Technical Details

If you require more material information than is available in our brick selector please e-mail your query to our Central Sales Office and they will provide you with a full information sheet:


BS8501 (all parts)
BS1192-4 (COBie)


Disclaimer –
All information on this site must be confirmed by a qualified and competent designer as suitable for the purpose intended. Michelmersh Brick UK Ltd are not responsible for design faults through use of Michelmersh BIM Brick files. If further information is required to use Revit or related software products then you should contact your software provider.
We have taken steps to ensure that these files are free from computer viruses, however, in accordance with good computing practice the recipient is responsible for ensuring that it is actually virus free before opening it by using a reputable and current virus scanning software. No responsibility can be accepted by Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC for any loss or damage sustained as a consequence of any virus transmission.

About BIM

In May 2011 UK Government called for BIM to be adopted on all UK Government construction projects of over £5million. Previously, traditional building design was largely reliant upon 2D drawings. BIM extends this to 3D and beyond, expanding on the three primary spatial dimensions of height, width and depth with the possibilities of a fourth dimension of time and even a fifth dimension of cost.

For the professional involved, BIM enables a virtual information model to be passed down from the design team to the contractors and then on to the owner or operator, creating a single shared model, which reduces information loss and provides an extensive range of information.

It is hoped that BIM will:

  • Improve visualisation
  • Improve productivity due to easy retrieval of information
  • Increase co-ordination of construction and management documents
  • Embed and link vital facility information
  • Increase the speed of delivery
  • Reduce costs

As BIM grows it will play an even more crucial role in building documentation. If you feel we could improve upon the data supplied or have omitted information that would make assimilating our products easier, please let us know.

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