Michelmersh nominated for 19 shortlisted projects for the BDA’s Brick Awards 2021

November 2, 2021
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During August, shortlists for the highly commended and prestigious Brick Development Association’s (BDA) Brick Awards 2021 were announced. Michelmersh is thrilled to have featured 19 superlative shortlisted projects be announced in November. The Awards recognise excellence within design and construction. Each year hundreds of entries are submitted, and 18 prestigious trophies awarded. With an exceptional number of shortlisted projects in over 12 categories, Michelmersh is hopeful for another year of success. Proud to be sponsor of the Commercial category the British manufacturer is very much looking forward to celebrating the best of brick architecture and to congratulate the winners of this year’s Architect’s choice and Supreme Winner categories too.

The Brick Awards have been running for 45 years, making it one of the most reputable awards within the industry. The ceremony is set to take place Wednesday 10th November 2021 at Royal Lancaster, London. This prestigious event will be celebrating brick architecture from the UK and all over the world, offering awards from 17 categories, including housing and small to large housing developments, commercial and public builds, to education, innovation, craftmanship, specialist brickwork contractor and then awarding the coveted Supreme Winner. Amongst Michelmersh’s 19 featured projects to be shortlisted are The Reach by Pitman Tozer, Radley College L-Social by GBS Architects, Kirkholt Health Centre by Triangle Architects, Hobhouse Court by Brisac Gonzalez, Wolvertan Hall Folly by Quinlan Terry Architects, House within a House by Alma-nac and UCLH by Pilbrow and Partners.


Hobhouse Court, London. Shortlisted for the Commercial & Specialist Brickwork Contractor categories.
Showcasing Charnwood’s Handmade Cathedral Grey + Type 9 bricks and specials.

Located in an architecturally sensitive area surrounding Trafalgar Square, Hobhouse Court was a project that demanded a distinctly contemporary façade, consisting of the same surrounding vernacular brickwork. Michelmersh’s Charnwood factory worked tirelessly to create tailored, handmade bricks to match and complement the same level of richness, grain and materiality to these surroundings. Charnwood’s speciality in producing handmade bricks in bespoke blends, combined with the ability to make expert-made special shapes helped develop and evolve the project of Hobhouse Court. In total, Michelmersh’s Charnwood experts crafted bespoke bricks for 20 bays, all with varying angles on plain and face folds, requiring 1400 individual and bespoke mould types to form the wide array of special bricks.

Designed by Arquitectonica and Brisac Gonzalez, the partial new build/partial refurbishment project of Hobhouse Court creates a vibrant and accessible environment, enhancing the area and preserving the historical surroundings.



University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, London Shortlisted for the Public and Innovation categories.
Showcasing Charnwood’s Handmade Multi Brindle bricks

As one of the design phases for University College London Hospital (UCLH), the specialist Ear, Nose, Throat and Dental facility is an exemplar project, defining the future of pre-fabrication. Located within the Bloomsbury conservation area characterised by traditional brick buildings, detailing and string coursing, Pilbrow & Partners designed Phase 5 of UCLH with a sophisticated, contemporary scheme to deliver an authentic, functional, top-class facility. Using Charnwood Multi Brindle bricks to create the unique perforated bay window panels, Pilbrow & Partners achieved an aesthetic, contemporary reinterpretation of the adjacent 19th century mansion block bays, further providing solar shading. Charnwood produces products of the highest durability, renowned for its tailored products, matching exact specifications and handcrafted to create a premier finish. Due to the pre-fabrication elements within the curtain walling meant that the brick, concrete and aluminium elements could be manufactured off-site, ahead of time, ultimately reducing the programme from an estimated 40 weeks (if using traditional construction methods) to 15 weeks.

Recognising high standards and talent

Advocates of the BDA’s Brick Awards, Michelmersh believes it is important to recognise the high standards and talent of both the architectural and construction industry combined, offered today. With unique, inspiring and sustainably designed projects, Michelmersh is proud to offer an array of brick blends and product types to not only create such beautiful projects, but to also last for generations to come. Furthermore, Michelmersh was the first manufacturer to gain the full three-star Brickmakers Quality Charter accreditation – a credential scheme created by the BDA. The Group continues to make its mark in the industry, and to feature in 19 shortlisted projects is a reminder of the excellence Michelmersh strives itself upon.


Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Michelmersh, comments:

“As Britain’s Brick Specialists, Michelmersh is thrilled to have so many influential projects shortlisted in the Brick Awards for another year. The Awards highlight how brilliant brick is; stunning, safe and sustainable. To be shortlisted for a vast 19 projects with differing architectural merits is a fantastic achievement in itself, and it truly displays the quality of Michelmersh’s premium products and craftsmanship capabilities. Congratulations and good luck to all those who are shortlisted!”


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