Together we can eliminate non-essential single-use plastics

February 9, 2021

Sustainability is at the forefront of Michelmersh’s ethos and remains one of its four core values. The Group continues to strive to be a well invested, long term, sustainable and environmentally responsible business.

Alongside the Government accelerating our path to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Michelmersh extends its corporate responsibility and governance of its sustainable agenda. The Group continues to raise sustainability awareness, accountability and the education of environmental impacts, and to highlight the importance of accurate reporting whilst setting considerable objectives. Michelmersh is committed to continuing to invest in its people, communities and protecting our planet. Through its ‘Sustainability Group’, Michelmersh hopes to continue to lead the industry in sustainable achievements, further extending the value of our products and services for all our stakeholders.

To support the ambitions of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and further the industry’s commitment to positive change, Michelmersh is asking customers and end users to join them in its role as a responsible corporate citizen, to make a substantial difference and eliminate non-essential single-use plastics from the construction industry.

Since the beginning of 2021, Michelmersh made a firm commitment in reducing the use of stretch-hoods and shrink-wrapping plastic from its product offering, where non-essential for product protection, safe storage and transport. It hopes that its customers and suppliers will join us on this journey to work in partnership. Reducing the use of plastic will mean a direct reduction in environmental impact whilst significantly reducing waste on site, with the addition of meeting customers’ or clients’ expectations.

Therefore, when confirming new orders which specify product types that do not require the use of a film wrapping, non-essential use of single-use plastic will no longer be offered. Where it is considered necessary to offer further product pack protection, Michelmersh’s UK sites are using thinner film, reducing the total weight of plastic employed. Our edge strips are also produced from 100% recycled plastic.


Michelmersh continues to improve efficiencies and responsible sourcing in its materials, processes, and services throughout the business. As a Group, it has also eliminated all plastic from its samples, using cardboard made from recycled content that is responsibly sourced, locally, and encourages customers to recycle its contents at the end of its use.

Whilst the Group rolls out its ‘Michelmersh Supplier Charter’ to ensure high standards of sustainable procurement amongst its supply chain, it is also the first and only brick manufacturer to partner with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to work alongside industry colleagues of housebuilders, contractors, and merchants to deliver Industry wide positive change, including topics of plastic reduction.

There has been increasing publicity around single-use plastics and its effect on our eco-systems, marine life, global warming & human health. However, using recycled plastic is not the only answer – it still requires large amounts of both energy and water. Therefore, finding the right balance is crucial and this comes with the primary reduction in non-essential use.

Michelmersh hopes that peers and partners will support the Group with this initiative to reduce preventable plastic use, which will reduce carbon emissions and help to create a positive culture shift in corporate responsibility for the construction industry.

Michelmersh is proud to make environmentally friendly, natural, durable, thermally efficient products which will last for hundreds of years and can still be recycled. Britain’s Brick Specialists provide beautiful, comfortable, safe, and sustainable architecture that will enhance our built environment for generations to come. Please join Michelmersh in supporting this initiative.

“Collectively we can make a substantial difference and eradicate single-use plastics from our industry.”

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