Black is Back


Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC has launched two new products to meet the demands of architects for bricks that make a bold statement. The Anthracite Mosaic and Black Mosaic are both subtle blends of dark bricks.

The Anthracite Mosaic is a traditional stock brick from Freshfield Lane who produce a wide selection of clamp fired stock bricks, this is a very traditional brick made in a contemporary colour mix of dark and black bricks with the distinctive mottled appearance from the clamp firing process.

The Black Mosaic from Blockleys is a subtle blend of black and purple bricks, as a wirecut brick it offers a perfect combination of contemporary colour with a modern finish.


These bricks have been developed with modern contemporary design in mind and will complement other cladding materials perfectly.

Frank Hanna, Group Commercial Director commented, “We have seen an increase in demand from architects for darker bricks that make a statement in the finished project and as a result we have developed these new products. These bricks offer the architect something that they can use for a bold design resulting in a striking building while we can offer them the flexibility of clamp fired stocks or high performance wirecuts”. He goes on to explain “This trend for the darker coloured bricks was highlighted at the BDA’s Brick Awards this year when the Holiday Inn Express in Manchester won the Best Commercial Building using Blockleys’ Smooth Black facings.

For more information on either of these products please contact our Sales Office on 0844 931 0022.