Mix it up with a Michelmersh Mix

June 12, 2018

Michelmersh continues to build upon its reputation for brilliant customer service, with an enhanced and enlarged ‘mixed loads’ offering. This gives merchants a flexible ordering and delivery ability. A bespoke product mix not only provides extreme versatility for customer purchase orders, but it also maximises stock range whilst maintaining stock levels for the manufacturer. The customer receives a wide variety of product colour range and size options whilst the merchants acquire flexible functionality to their stock orders.

With a Michelmersh Mix, merchants are able to satisfy immediate customer demand in the renovation, maintenance and improvement market. Michelmersh’s ability to offer on-time deliveries of bespoke product mixes helps to enhance each merchant’s reputation as a ‘Brick Specialist’, who is thus able to action varied product ranges from available stock.

With a Michelmersh Mix you can expect:
• Improved availability
• Flexibility to mix packs of 65mm & 73mm products
• Flexibility to mix colours Red, Buff, Brown, Weathered & Multi
• Flexibility to mix Rustic, Dragwire, Smooth & Textured finishes
• Maintain sensible stock levels of a wide product range
• On-time deliveries
• Price advantage for stockists

Michelmersh recently acquired Carlton Brickworks, renowned for manufacturing durable products, with distinct properties and attributes. This extensive product range comprises just under fifty different blends to offer a comprehensive mixed load service. With over 130 years’ experience of making high-quality products, Carlton is a name that you can depend upon. Offering both 65mm and 73mm bricks in rustic, dragwire, smooth and textured finishes, there is something for every build. A Michelmersh mixed load can consist of full colour palettes too, allowing for packs of red, buff, brown, weathered or multi blends to be incorporated into one load.

So, for improved availability and the ability to offer the flexibility of an extensive product range from the Michelmersh Carlton brand, choose a MIX by MICHELMERSH.

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